Promoting and selling craft items online, offline
Some of the handcrafted items available are:
Crochet purses
Crochet mobile holders
Crochet , usb dongle, memory card holders
Cloth bags
Cloth purses
Cushion covers
Wall Hangers
Custom made designs available

A few of the marketplaces/websites for selling crafted items are.High quality photos and detailed product description is required:
Ebay (listing fee)
Etsy (listing fee)
Craftsvilla (no listing fee)
(listing fee)
Any online marketplace or website selling craft items interested in a free review can send their details

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In small towns it is often difficult to find reliable suppliers of quality items, even small purses are not easily available. A person with extremely limited skills is always vulnerable to cheating, exploitation, hence it is recommended that a person devote some time to develop a new skill. For domain investors it is recommended that they learn at least 3-4 offline skills which can be commercially viable. Making handmade items like purses, handbags, clothes,recycled items, recycled twine, is one of the easiest skill as relatively less investment is required initially. However finding buyers for these handcrafted items can be a challenge for a person with relatively few contacts and no social life due to harassment of indian intelligence, security agencies who are wasting $18000 in tax payer money monthly to harass the engineer.

Most people making craft items prefer to sell them offline as they are not familiar with the internet and the levels of online fraud are relatively higher. Some of the handmade craft items are sold to local retailers on commission or consignment basis.Many local retailers have a lot of shelf space, so they may agree to stock items for sale. In other cases the maker of handmade craft items may sell them in trade fairs and other exhibitions, renting a booth.

Any organization which supplies crafting raw material like zips, fittings, interested in purchasing handmade items, or can help end the daily human rights abuses on harmless civilians especially the victim of the human cloning experiment, wastage of tax payer money, can send an email to
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